Rules and regulations

Pad Lake

The following rules are in addition to the general rules:

  1. All fishermen must report to the fishery office to register and obtain a fishing ticket. You must pay before starting to fish.
  2. Disinfected large nets and proper substantial unhooking mats must be used at all times.
  3. Maximum three rods per peg.
  4. Microbarbed and barbless hooks only – fishing line no less than 10lb.
  5. Carp clinic or fish antiseptic must be used prior to returning the fish to the lake.
  6. No nuts, beans or peas, or floating baits.
  7. No wading, swim raking or swimming.
  8. Do not damage bankside vegetation or trees.
  9. Please stick to footpaths and do not walk on bunds
  10. Please report all specimen fish over 30lb.
  11. Radios or excessive noise is not allowed.
  12. Baited lines/rods must not be left unattended at any time. Fishermen who leave their pegs unattended must always remove rods from the water. If talking to other fishermen, please do not venture further than one peg (BE WARNED).
  13. Leadcore, beach casting rigs and shock leaders are not permitted.
  14. Lead over 3.5oz is not permitted.
  15. The use of keepnets is strictly forbidden.
  16. Litter must be taken away.
  17. Cars must be parked on the car park, and not on grass verges.
  18. No dogs are allowed on the fishery.
  19. Open fires are not permitted.

All rules and regulations must be adhered to – no exceptions!

Fishermen are reminded that no responsibility will be accepted for any accidents or damage to persons or property.

Revised 31st August, 2016